Program with Abstracts

The abstract book is available here.

Day 1 (Feb. 13, 2017)

  8:30 am   Opening and Logistics
SESSION 1: Light Elements and Organic Matter from ISM to Small Bodies
1 8:50 am H. Sugahara Nitorogen Isotopic E volution of Organic Molecules in Interstellar Ice Analogues by UV Irradiation
2 9:15 am F. R. Orthous-Daunay Effect of UV Irradiation on the Soluble Organic Matter Extract from the Murchison Chondrite
3 9:40 am M. Roskosz Deuteration of Insoluble Organic Matter and Silicates by Ionizing Irradiation in the Solar Nebula
4 10:05 am E. Quirico Origin of Cometary and Chondritic Refractory Organics: Ion Irradiation Experiments
5 10:30 am J. Duprat On the Origin of Interp;anetary Organics at the Surface of Icy Bodies
6 10:55 am F. Robert Alive 14C* at the Formation of an Organic Grain from Comet 81P/Wild 2?
      Lunch and Free Discussion
7 4:30 pm S. Tachibana Low-Temperature Liquid Formed from UV-Irradiated Amorphous Ice
SESSION 2: Sample Return Missions and Intrumentation to Open Up a New Era for Cosmochemistry
8 4:55 pm K. Bajo High Spatial Resolution Imaging of Helium Isotope by TOF-SNMS
9 5:20 pm F. S. Anderson In-Situ Dating State of the Art: Context and Concordance Using CODEX
10 5:45 pm H. C. Connolly, Jr. Status Reports on OSIRIS-REx and Hayabusa2 Asteroidal Sample Return Missions
  6:10 pm   Summary of Sessions 1 & 2
  6:40 pm   Dinner and Discussion


Day 2 (Feb. 14, 2017)

SESSION 3: Water and Organics in Small Bodies
11     8:30 am Z. Peeters Big Individuals or Big Collections of Small Inclusions - Two Approaches to Looking for Organic Matter in Meteorites 
12 8:55 am V. E. Hamilton Mapping the Distribution of Water in Carbonaceous Chondrites
13 9:20 am E. Quirico
(for L. Bonal)
Antarctic Micrometeorites vs. Carbonaceous Chondrites: The Organic Point of View
14 9:45 am T. Koga The 10 New Amino Acids Identified in the Murchison Meteorite: A Suggestion of New Formation Pathways of Meteoritic Amino Acids
15 10:10 am L. Piani Origin and Evolution of Water and Organic Compounds in the CM Carboneceous Chondrites
      Summary of Session 3
      Group Photo, Lunch and Free Discussion
SESSION 4: Organic Evolution in the Solar System [Invited Lecture]
16 4:30 pm J. Dworkin Organic Evolution in the Solar System
  5:30 pm – A. Takigawa Condensation Experiments in the Mg-Si-O System
    N. Sakamoto Solar Component Survey from Carbonaceous Chondrite
    H. Naraoka Introduction to the Research Center for Planetary Trace Organic Compounds
    M. Hashiguchi High-Resolution Mass Imaging for Organiv Species in the Murchison Meteorite using Desorption Electrospray Ionization with an Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer
    Y. Isono Molecular Diversity of Soluble Organic Matter Synthesized through the Formose-like Reaction
    J. Bayron A Fluid Flow Model for Chondritic Parent Bodies
    J. Song Development of Cryogenic SIMS Technique for Isotopic Analysis of Individual Fluid Inclusions
    A. Tonotani Detection of CME Components of Solar Wind Noble Gas from DOS Sample of Genesis
    K. Yoshinari Cevelopment for In-Situ Radiogenic 4He Analysis in Zircon for U-Th-He Dating
    T. H. S. Harris Suborbital Ballistic Emplacement
  6:30 pm –   Banquet


Day 3 (Feb. 15, 2017)

SESSION 5: Refractory Materials in the Evolving Protosolar Disk
17 8:30 am K. Kobyashi Water Vapor Pressure-Dependent Crystallization of Amorphous Enstatite
18 8:55 am D. Yamamoto Oxygen Isotope Exchange between Amorphous Silicates and Water Vapor: Implication for Survivality for Presolar Amorphous Silicates in the Solar Nebula
19 9:20 am M. Schönbächler Nucleosynthetic Isotope Variations in Refractory Inclutions: Records of Protoplanetary Disk Evolution
20 9:45 am N. Kawasaki Crystal Growth and Disequilibrium Dstribution of O isotopes in an Igneous CAI from Allende
21 10:10 am T. J. Fagan Rapid Formation of 16O-poor Rim on a 16O-rich CAI in the Nebular Setting
22 10:35 am A. N. Krot Oxygen- and Magnesium-Isotope Compositions of Grossite-bearing CAIs from DOM 08004 (CO3.1) and DOM 08006 (CO3.0) Chondrites
23 11:00 am M. Bizzarro Early Formation of Planetary Building Blocks Inferred from Pb Isotopic Ages of Chondrules
      Lunch and Free Discussion
SESSION 6: Delivery of Volatiles to Terrestrial Planets
24 4:30 pm H. Busemann Noble Gases in Various Chondrite Classes – Clues to Parent Body Processing and the Origin of the Terrestrial Volatiles
25 4:55 pm J. P. Greenwood A Cometary Source for Water on Mars from D/H of Allan Hills 84001
26 5:20 pm B. Marty Cometary Noble Gases Measured by the Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis (ROSINA): Planetary Implications
27 5:45 pm R. Brasser Late Veneer and Late Accretion to the Terrestrial Planets
  6:10 pm   Summary of the Symposium
  6:40 pm   Dinner and Discussion
      Closing Remarks



SESSION 2: Presolar and Early Solar System History: Hot in the Beginning